Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dear Followers and Readers of Sapphire Unbound:

I'm excited (and nervous) to tell you of my new undertaking. But first, I want to thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on the various blog post. Your support, whether you are in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, United States or Barbados, is greatly appreciated and encouraging. 

I remember when I wrote my first book the comments of an editor. He said that there was no market for a full length book on Black women and public policy. Yet, I persevered. When I started Sapphire Unbound I thought to myself that there are a plethora of blogs, some with great name recognition, so who would want to read mine. Yet I persevered.  So once again I find myself moving forward although I'm plagued with doubts and wondering how will I do this. But with your support, I know that WE can do this. We can tell the "stories" of Diasporic Black women.

In the near future (hopefully next month) I will be unveiling my new website--www.juliajordan-zachery.com.

Sapphire Unbound (my personal blog) will be migrated to this website. 

But here's what new--Talking About Us

While I am nervous about this venture, I am also very excited to launch “Talking About Us”. This page profiles the work, activism, and/or thoughts on issues deemed pressing to Black Diasporic women. My goal is to bring into the public domain researchers, activists, artists and “everyday” women’s thoughts on Black women’s, nationally and globally, experiences across of myriad of issues.

The mission of “Talking about Us” is to tell our stories with the ultimate goal of achieving justice and liberation.

But I cannot do this without you. So I'm also writing to ask for your help. Will you consider submitting to Talking About Us?

Submitting to Talking About Us

Talking About Us welcomes essays, interviews, op-ed articles, and poetry explicitly addressing Black women, their families and communities. I seek your highest quality work addressing various issues on culture, the arts, society, politics, the economy, law, religion, activism, policy, education, and “well-being” among other topics for inclusion on this page. All submissions should be accessible to a wide audience. The goal is to foster dialogue about the lived realities of Diasporic Black women.

More details on how to contribute will be posted later. In the meantime, you can always message me for information. 

I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you in advance for your contributions. 

Julia Jordan-Zachery