Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Readers and Followers of Sapphire Unbound:

It's here. The new website is here and I encourage you to visit it.

You can find a new post on Sapphire Unbound that ask, "Can I hashtag the next Black Women's movement?"

"Talking About Us" features the artist Karien Zachery. Here's a quote from Karien "My main focus in art has been sculpting 3-dimensional faces in tribute to my ancestors who were victims of the African slave trade." She goes on to discuss how artists serve as the historians of their time. 

Don't forget that I need you to contribute to "Talking About Us"

This page profiles the work, activism, and/or thoughts on issues deemed pressing to Black Diasporic women. My goal is to bring into the public domain researchers, activists, artists and “everyday” women’s thoughts on Black women’s, nationally and globally, experiences across of myriad of issues.

The mission of “Talking about Us” is to tell our stories with the ultimate goal of achieving justice and liberation.

But I cannot do this without you. So I'm also writing to ask for your help. Will you consider submitting to Talking About Us?

Submitting to Talking About Us

Talking About Us welcomes essays, interviews, op-ed articles, and poetry explicitly addressing Black women, their families and communities. I seek your highest quality work addressing various issues on culture, the arts, society, politics, the economy, law, religion, activism, policy, education, and “well-being” among other topics for inclusion on this page. All submissions should be accessible to a wide audience. The goal is to foster dialogue about the lived realities of Diasporic Black women.


Relationships between Black Women and their daughters. This series will look at varied issues related to the relationship(s) between Black women and their daughters including: cultural representations, personal reflections on the meaning and/or experiences of mothering and "daughtering", social science understanding and constructions of such relationships, among other topics.  My hope is that mothers and daughters will respond separately and/or collectively.

Your submission can take the form of: poetry, prose, art, etc.  Each submission should be no longer than 2000 words and should be sent to contact@juliajordan-zachery.com.

As always, thank you.

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